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Nicki Minaj 2012 Tour Dates

Nicki Minaj Tour Dates and Nicki Minaj Concerts
Nicki Minaj has announced a 2012 tour with many shows, dates and concerts on schedule. Nicki Minaj shows are electric and all your favorites will be sang live in concert. The Nicki Minaj tour is bound to continue to succeed, deep into 2012. Watch for more Nicki Minaj tour dates to come. Nicki Minaj tour dates for 2012 are listed below, so you have no excuse to miss any of the concerts, shows or dates of the 2012 Nicki Minaj tour. Look at our merchandise page too.

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Nicki Minaj tour

Nicki Minaj joins Femme Fatale 2012 tour :
nicki minaj tourAfter weeks of speculation, Britney Spears has announced Nicki Minaj as the latest addition to her Femme Fatale tour for 2012.

Enrique Iglesias, originally part of the lineup, dropped out of the tour the day it was announced, and the young hip-hop/R&B artist is taking his post.

The all-female tour will include Jessie and the Toy Boys and the Australian songwriter-DJ sisters Nervo.

The Britney Spears tour will launch on June 16 in Sacramento and travel around North America, ending in Toronto on Aug. 13.

Britney Spears has headlined five tours, four of them worldwide, since the release of her debut album, Baby One More Time. Spears’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told MTV News that this tour will have a post-apocalyptic vibe that matches her Till The World Ends video.

Nicki Minaj has taken the music world by storm since releasing her first album, Pink Friday, in 2010. The sultry diva became the first artist to have seven singles simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the first unaccompanied woman to top the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart since 2002 with her single, Your Love. She is currently on tour with with Lil Wayne.

nicki minaj concertsNicki Minaj teases about a secret on Britney Spears tour for 2012
Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears talked about 'a secret' for their 2012 tour dates as they tweeted each other about their tour schedule announcement, sparking rumours that the pair could perform together as well as share the same billing.

Girls Fall Like Dominoes rapper Nicki Minaj is said to be "beyond thrilled" to be joining the Femme Fatale Britney Spears tour in the US this summer as a support artist, after Enrique Iglesias pulled out, telling everyone on Twitter: "This tour's gonna KICK A**!"

She later added: "... and let's keep the "other thing" a secret for now... ;)", to which Britney Spears replied: "All good things to those who wait..."

Britney Spears is getting ready for a 26-date marathon tour and originally tweeted: "Could not think of a sexier Femme Fatale than @NickiMinaj to come on tour with me! Gonna be a hot summer people!" .. Keep checking back for newly updated Nicki Minaj tour info, Nicki Minaj tour dates and more Nicki Minaj shows in live concerts.

Nicki Minaj concerts
Nicki Minaj tour dates

Nicki Minaj 'Beyond Thrilled' About Britney Spears Tour
'This summer will be one for the books!' Nicki Minaj promises MTV News. After lots of speculation, Britney Spears confirmed Tuesday (April 12) that she'd be bringing Nicki Minaj along on tour. The pairing of the Femme Fatale and the Barbie seems like a match made in pop-culture heaven, and Nicki Minaj couldn't agree more.

nicki minaj tour dates"I am beyond thrilled to tour with Britney Spears. It's an honor. She's an icon," Nicki Minaj told MTV News in an exclusive statement. "This summer will be one for the books!"

Shortly after announcing the Nicki Minaj tour, both girls struck up a Twitter conversation that felt as if they were already throwing slumber parties on their tour bus.

"Could not think of a sexier Femme Fatale than @NickiMinaj to come on tour with me! Gonna be a hot summer people!" one tweeted, kicking off the Twittermance. "The #FemmeFataleBARBZ wont know what hit em. Ready or not people, here we come...."

"Hot INDEED Your Fierceness!!! This tour's gonna KICK A..!!! The #FemmeFataleBARBZ r READY!!! Let's GO!!!" Nicki Minaj tweeted back to the star, before adding, "Let's keep the 'other thing' a secret for now..."

The singer is set to call into Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday to reveal what that big secret is, and the singer teased her fans one final time: "All good things to those who wait...."

nicki minaj merchandiseNicki Minaj will join Britney Spears after she wraps up Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music Tour, which finishes May 1 in New Jersey. Nicki Minaj tour dates kicks off concerts on June 16 in Sacramento, California, and will run for 26 concert dates through North America, winding up August 13 in Toronto. Select tickets go on sale April 30.

"This is the Femme Fatale tour, and I'm thrilled to have the hot Nicki Minaj join me and [opening acts] Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo will get everyone on the dance floor," Britney Spears said early Tuesday about the tour. "Can't wait to take the Femme Fatales on the road."

More tour dates to be added to the tour schedule as it unfolds. Watch for added Nicki Minaj concerts.

Don’t miss any of the Nicki Minaj concerts or Nicki Minaj tour dates that play near you, fit your schedule.

Nicki Minaj Biography
Onika Maraj (Born on December 8, 1984) or better referred to as Nicki Minaj, is a female rapper from Southside Jamaica, Queens, New York. She was raised in a troubled home, with a father who was on drugs and a struggling single mother. Despite her crazy surroundings, the singer went on to graduate from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan where she studied singing and acting. .... full Nicki Minaj biography

Nicki Minaj tour dates

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Nicki Minaj tour

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